Friday, August 24, 2012

A quick note

I'm back, or to be more accurate, we're back. After moving, double ear infection misery, more moving in temperatures closer to hell than I want to feel in a long while, family time, rehearsal dinner with grandpa wine, Wedding Day (!!), day-after-wedding-and-getting-the-phone-call-offering-CJ-a-job excitement, packing and throwing away more of my junk, CJ squeezing time to work on his classroom, us flying to LA, me attending SCBWI conference (good times!), both of us cruising up the California coast in a red Ford Mustang convertible, returning to the Midwest, moving MORE stuff into our cute-but-cramped apartment, and nearly finishing the second week back at our jobs (mine old, his new)...deep breath, we're ready for some downtime.


And once we get the internet set up at our new place, you can once more enjoy my eclectic taste on Music Mondays. That should be within a week or so, but I just wanted to let you all know that I'm not gone forever. And there's plenty of words left to write. :)

Happy Friday, all!