Sunday, September 23, 2012

Sunday Afternoon

Cleaned the bathroom and used the new Swiffer on the kitchen, living room, and bathroom floors.

Took out the trash.

Downloaded more music from Itunes.

Waiting for chicken wings to get done.

American football on TV, soon to be followed by English (and to be fair, everywhere else) football.

Looking out the window and enjoying the fantastic weather.

At home with my husband CJ.

Autumn is here.

Life is good.

Monday, September 17, 2012

Music Monday - For When It's Just...Monday

For some reason, today was just blah. There's a meeting I need to go to tonight, and I don't really want to go, but I know I'll regret it if I don't. (Voters' meeting at church - to call a new pastor. Not really something a regular member should miss.)

So two posts tonight. This is a song from 2001 that really resonated with me then, and still does. In the fall semester that year, everyone was dealing with the aftermath of 9/11. And on a personal note, my best friend from high school was put into a drug-induced coma (long story) because her doctors couldn't figure out how to treat her. She eventually recovered, but that was not a three-month period that I look back on with fondness.

It's almost like the hard times circle 'round
A couple drops, and they all start coming down
Yeah, I might feel defeated, and I might hang my head
I might be barely breathing, but I'm not dead, no
'Cause tomorrow's another day
And I'm thirsty anyway
So bring on the rain

And another, just because.

Have a good week, everyone! One day at a time. There, I feel better already. :)