Thursday, February 11, 2010

You Don't See This Every Day

At least, I don't. So I left work around five, crossed the street and walked in front of Walgreens as usual. Then I saw a cop, standing in front of the automatic doors. I kept walking past. I saw another police officer in front of me, guiding a woman in handcuffs to the cruiser in the parking lot. Hmmm...

Curiosity - It made me think about the unknown woman. What did she do? Stealing is the most likely scenario. But what would she steal? They wouldn't call the cops if she was slipping lip balm into her purse. If I had to guess, I would say the situation had something to do with prescription drugs. There's a pharmacy in that particular Walgreens, and meth is a huge problem.

Of course, this is all idle speculation. I hope that whatever it was, the arrested woman gets herself sorted out. She seemed to be going with the officer willingly. He wasn't dragging her, and they seemed to be talking.

How quickly things can change. Most people popping in the local convenience store don't intend to walk out with their wrists bound.

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