Thursday, January 6, 2011

Barb, Paula, Elizabeth and Jamie

Four sisters in Christ were in the pew across from me tonight at choir practice. Three are sopranos, one is undecided. One is married and has children in school. One is in her late teens. One has white hair. One likes to be held by her mommy and daddy (and many other people). They are all different ages, and at different stages in life. None are closely related by blood. But they are all sisters, made into family by the blood of their Brother, Jesus.

I wish I had something more profound to say on the matter, but...isn't that amazing!

The choir was practicing a version of In Adam We Have All Been One tonight. The second and third verses go like this:

We fled Thee, and in losing Thee
We lost our brother too;
Each singly sought and claimed his own;
Each man his brother slew.

But Thy strong love, it sought us still
And sent Thine only Son
That we might hear His Shepherd's voice
And, hearing Him, be one.

One day the four sisters will be reunited again at the Feast. As another song goes, "Oh Happy Day!"

On an unrelated note, In Adam is one of my favorite short hymns. It sounds majestic. For some reason, every time I sing it, I automatically sing in an English accent. I don't think about it - it just comes out that way. The word sought, especially, seems to be made for that particular accent and language.

Final (random) thoughts -

Honey Nut Cheerios need nothing on them to taste good.

Everyone should have a pine-scented candle. For gals, the useful thing about them (other than their very nice scent) is that they can be burned before, during, and after the Christmas season. For guys - okay, acknowledging that the vast majority of guys don't burn scented candles, but hear me out - the scent isn't girly. Also, it's good to burn them in your living area so that the first thing any female coming in there thinks is not: "What is that SMELL?" but rather "Oh, it smells nice in here!"

The best quote read after The Ohio State Buckeyes won the Sugar Bowl: Even after they've left, Michigan quarterbacks can't beat Ohio State. :)

What kind of food would go well with a rose wine? Specifically, I have a Rose De Cabernet Franc and have no idea with what food it should be matched. If any. Some folks might say wine goes well with any kind of meal but as little as I know, I know that is not true. Any suggestions?

Blessed Epiphany to you and yours!


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  1. Just read your post tonight after reading Emily's on her blog. It amazes me how things mesh. My blog on 1/8 was very similar to this:

    But Thy strong love, it sought us still
    And sent Thine only Son

    Great minds? No. I'm sure it was the Helper.

    Blessings to you Amzee!