Monday, April 5, 2010

How Was Your Easter?

Mine was...GREAT! It didn't start out too well (but then again, few days that my alarm goes off at 4:45 AM start out well), but once at church and into Easter Matins (the 6:30 service) things flowed well. The trio piece didn't go quite as well as I wanted, but I think God was pleased. He's the one we were singing for, anyway! :)
The pastor(s) preached joy in Christ's resurrection, choir rocked, the bell choir rang, the trumpets blasted, the timpani woke the dead (figuratively), our wonderful organist somehow managed to accompany multiple groups and play a fantastic Bach fugue prelude (not all fifteen minutes, about six minutes worth) and the sun shone eventually. Grandma said the music sounded "majestic", and I agree. I felt very privileged to stand behind the organist C and turn pages for him on the Bach piece. He played it at both services. I watched the music, getting lost a couple of times, but marveling not only that anyone could actually play a piece like that, but also how anyone could compose and write such a marvel.
Came home around eleven (main service was at 9 AM), took a short nap, threw the hashbrown casserole in the oven, then the ham. Did some clean up, then set the table. My guests (who I should have invited over long before) arrived at 3:00, after which none of us paid any attention to the time until late. Conversation at the meal, conversation after, a very long walk in exquisite spring weather (wearing shorts for the first time this year! YAAAAYYY!!), then returning to my place where we talked some more.
I have to say something about them now, these guests. A few readers of this blog have met them. Staying true to form, I will not mention them by name except for their initials - J, the husband of the pair: a true poet with a gift for words and intuitively knowing what someone is thinking; and K, the wife: a teacher with a gift for music who directs the choir and has a wonderful gentleness and strength mixed together. I have been incredibly blessed by their friendship and love them like a brother and sister.
After returning from the walk, they told me that in October (God willing) they will welcome their first child. At this point, the day had already been good, but their news made it great.
I have not had many close friends in my life, being an introvert. The ones I have are all blessings in their own ways. These two I can only describe as Anne Shirley put it - they are "kindred spirits". To say that I was happy at the news of their coming child is to put it mildly. For them, (as well as for immediate family and friends) their sorrow is shared sorrow and their joy is my joy also. It's not that I live through their or others' lives; I just want them to be happy. And they are happy. :)
After they went home, I talked with my brother. I need to tell him (I guess this blog is a way of telling him, too) that I love to hear him laugh. He and my sister-in-law were watching the first baseball game of the year (if you know them, that's not a surprise). I got caught up on church family from the Old Home, which is always great. After talking with Brother, came Sister. Along with talking with Sister, I got to talk to Brother-In-Law, Adorable Nephew, Unseen-But-Already-Loved Nephew (he'll be coming the end of this month) and Mom and Dad, who were visiting them for the weekend. Everyone there was laughing and in fine spirits, which always is a great blessing. I'm glad Nephew is getting a little brother, otherwise he would get too used to having everybody dote on him. Competition is good sometimes. :)
So: joyful worship to Christ our Risen Savior, accompanied by music played to His glory; good friends, good food (I think - the guests didn't complain! Their dessert was excellent.), good times catching up with family and great news -both for our salvation and personal happiness.
Yep, it really was all good.

P.S. I've been laughing at myself today for not catching their news earlier. Before the meal yesterday, I offered wine that Mom and Dad had given me. (Yes, I share it!). J took some, as did I, but K declined. Why didn't I realize something was up? Even though she rarely drinks...oh well. Happy news makes everything funny.

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